Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

*Disclaimer: While I was writing this, I realized that it had a LOT of explaining involved because many people may not know anything about what I'm talking about, so I apologize if this post seems ultra boring! I also apologize for the lack of pictures, due to a dark theater and a dying phone. If this isn't your cup of tea and you stop reading, that is entirely understandable! 

Hi again! I'm writing this at quarter to 9am here, which wouldn't be so bad except for we didn't get home until around 3am last night! It was quite the night. It may not come as news to you all that Patrick "does theater." I've mentioned it to some but it hasn't even been a topic of conversation for others that I've talked to. When I say he does theater, I don't mean he gets up on a stage for a show and dance. It's more like he helps produce theater. And when I say theater, I mean ONE theater show. He is part of a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in the Bay Area and is the head of tech, sound, lights, and occasionally security. It's actually one of the first things we talked about when we first met. In the beginning of our relationship, he had a show to do, so he recorded probably close to 40 videos and took quite a few pictures in order to try to help me understand what it was. Of course, because of Kerry, I do know what it is, however I didn't know that the movie had what is almost a cult following!

Before, when I thought Erin was going to be road tripping with me, Patrick had just been planning on skipping the show (which the director and other cast would have understood). However, when plans changed and Kerry was now my road trip buddy, I knew she would want to go and experience the Rocky scene!

The day started off with trips to Target, a BBQ restaurant, and Kmart (which is actually a really nice store around here and is a huge step up from Walmart and Michigan Kmarts), to try to pick up some things that would make our lives easier (chest of drawers, shelf, little things that I knew I would need such as face wash and unscented body soap). Then, because poor Jackie had to work (BOO!!!), we headed back to the house and just chilled for a bit. It has been a hectic few days, so we all really needed some down time. We got Chinese food for dinner and began getting ready for the show.

The BBQ was delicious!

The BBQ joint was actually across from the PlayStation headquarters. How neat!

Before I even left the state of Michigan, Patrick and I had mutually decided that, because he would have to work during the first show I would be there for, it would be best if Kerry and I didn't draw attention to ourselves and essentially be other people during the show so that I wouldn't have to deal with any awkward introductions without Patrick (because I can be an anxious mess, as we all know, and I recognize that being the center of attention is never a good thing). So we parked around the corner, they got out of the car and started doing cast member things, and Kerry and I waited a few moments before we went and got our tickets, completely ignoring them as they passed by.

We then walked down to a small coffee shop and passed the time there while we waited for a line to start outside of the theater. It was quite the scene! A lot of people wore lingerie (men and women), fish net tights, and stilettos, for example. Others were dressed normally. Some carried bags of sliced bread (which I still don't understand), toilet paper, and glow sticks, along with a bunch of other random things.

Kerry: "I'm trying to decide if I have too much self respect for a selfie right now." 
Me: *takes out camera and takes a sassy selfie*

Waiting in line! 

Patrick has explained to me that the thing about Rocky is that the movie was actually a total flop. It didn't become popular until audience members started attending the midnight showings and participating in the movie, shouting things back to the actors' lines and throwing things at the screen. Eventually, people treated the showings as somewhat of a weekend party and became regular audience members. From this grew the Rocky Horror Picture Show that we know today. Casts all around the country get up on stage and, while the movie is playing, act out the scenes in the movie. And many of the "call backs" and "cues" that started it all are still used in audiences today. Last night, it seemed as though almost every line had a call back. Kerry and I went inside, were searched by security, and found some seats.

There's not much to say about the show unless you know what's going on (which, honestly, I really didn't). I liked how open and cool everyone was and how it wasn't like a normal theater showing, where you would be quiet and respectful. These people come to have fun and interact with the movie and the cast members!

At the end of the night, all four of us were exhausted. I was, eventually, recognized by someone, but I wasn't called out on it. Instead, they mentioned it to Patrick, and then he called me out into the lobby to meet two of the cast members, Lena and Siobhan (pronounced Chivonne or Shi-von). They were super nice! Everyone here is super nice and it's really throwing me off!

So here I am on five hours of sleep, writing to anyone who cares to read. When I'm no longer incognito at shows, I'll take more pictures and better explain what's going on (which, hopefully, I will understand what's going on by that point). I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Today we're going to the Pride parade, wish me and my anxiety luck!

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