Monday, August 5, 2013

Are We Done Yet?

Hey everyone! It was a Rocky weekend again. We've had three in a row because of the special Ohlone show that we did a few Fridays back, so Patrick and I are a little bit burnt out on Rocky right now and are excited for this two week break until the next show. Having fun is exhausting.

The cool thing is that on Saturday, I officially turned in my paperwork. That's right, I've been sucked into cast with or without (but mostly with) my permission! Another cast member's boyfriend, Doug, and I ended up turning in our paperwork on the same day, so I now have a starting date buddy, which is fun! I hate when you start something and it's suddenly a battle as to who is more dedicated because they joined first. That happened all the time at my old job and it drove me nuts! So it's really awesome that we ended up joining together.

So on Friday Patrick and I were exhausted from Disneyland, but we still decided to go out for drinks with our friends James and Aimee that night. Drinking, in particular, has been giving me a lot of trouble lately. I have always had a hard time stomaching the taste of alcohol, and a chaser or a cover up mixer does nothing for me. No matter what you do I can still taste the alcohol, and it disgusts me. Therefore, I drink very slowly because I have to get the nerve up for every sip. That ends with me not enjoying myself because I drink myself into a sleepy state and stay there. So it's much easier to just skip the drinking, but when has it ever been fun to be around drunk people when you're sober? It's frustrating, and people don't seem to get my aversion to drinking. Everyone is always saying "Oh, here, try this!" when, in reality, I can tell you beforehand with a certainty of almost 95% that I will hate whatever you hand me. Those who regularly drink alcohol don't realize the strength of what they have because they cannot taste it. I definitely can, no matter what the proof.

Getting ready to go out! :)

This, of course, has nothing to do with going out with James and Aimee. Patrick and I both had a lot of fun and were glad to have gone! However, the topic is still relevant because we did go to the bar. Oh, and most of the Rocky cast drinks.

On our way home from the bar, we all agreed on pizza. Around here, you can order almost anything through a website called GrubHub. You order from your phone or computer, and your order arrives within an estimated amount of time. For almost 2am, you would figure that a pizza place ten miles from their house would not have taken that long. Pizza isn't rocket science! But the pizza was taking forever. We kept checking the estimated time, and the longer we waited, the longer the estimated time got. Aimee ended up calling and cancelling the order after a very stern talk with the jerk on the phone, who kept insisting that she did not understand how the system worked. We all understood the system, the system just sucked! Pizza shouldn't take two hours! We were all frustrated, yet very tired, so Patrick and I headed home and ended up with Taco Bell. I, of course, approved of this decision.

On Saturday, we did the show at The Guild theater in Menlo Park. I finally got to do my fair share of helping out, including unloading the van, pat downs and purse checks, prop handling during the show, costume changes, cleaning up, and loading the van. We had an incredibly late call time, so Patrick and I both knew we were going to be exhausted by the end of the night, and pregamed with energy drinks. While we were waiting to be let in to the theater, Patrick surprised me with a gift that he had commissioned for me by our friend Julian. I was shocked when he pulled out a hedgehog hat for me. Anyone who knows me should know that hedgehogs are my second favorite animal (following giraffes, of course, but you can't have a giraffe as a pet). I could not be happier with my gift! Jules is so talented at knitting and the hat is beautiful! No wonder Patrick randomly measured my head a few weeks ago. After the show, we ended up at home near 4am, and passed out.

Yay, I'm a hedgehog! Thank you so much, Patrick and Jules!

On Sunday, we had another Spaceballs rehearsal. Patrick and I showed up at 4 to help with more prop building (everything is looking so good, I love the creative minds on cast), then we feasted on some really delicious sandwiches and salads and snacks, and got to rehearsing. Because I only have a very small role in the movie, my parts in the movie are actually mostly prop moving. This part is difficult because I've never seen the movie before this, so when someone says, "Bring this prop out at this point in the movie," I get very confused and have to ask a lot of questions so that I can get a rough idea of when that part will be so that I can be ready. It's also frustrating because I don't know the stage as well as the others do, so trying to envision the proportions of a bi-level stage on someone's lawn is super difficult. Regardless, I'm having fun, and eventually we will have rehearsals at the theater, so I'm not concerned.

Jack's industrial strength hair dryer that I've been assisting with. 

Let us end this blog post with some extra pictures that I've been forgetting to upload! We all love pictures! Yay!

Selfie with a fish! Look at this huge fish at the chinese food place down the road :)

Some of the pretty art that we found while walking around after getting some frozen yogurt this week!

Pictures of the awesome trolley horse that I forgot I took in Disneyland.

My super sweet gift from Jackie! An "Itty Bitty" Ariel, which was accompanied with a nice note thanking me for letting her use her car since I got here. So awesome!

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