Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's the 80's!

We've been quite busy lately, what with Patrick and I both working, so finding time to get out and do things is getting more difficult. I know everyone knows what I mean when I say that going out is the LAST thing we want to do after a full day of work! But we still continue to try!

This past Monday our friend Lindsey came over to cut my hair. I've been wanting to try something shorter for quite some time now. My main issue with hair cuts is that I'm always handing my stylist a picture of something super cute and I (usually) say "I want this, but a little longer." I don't know why I have always been so afraid of short hair! And the sad part is that, all these years, I've probably prevented myself from having some super cute hair cuts, just because I was too afraid for it to be too short. Well no more! This time, I handed Lindsey a picture, and said "Cut it off!"


Bye bye, hair!

I couldn't be happier! The first night, after we first cut it, I was very apprehensive. However, the next day-- after I went out and bought some styling product for it (something I've never done because I hate having "stuff" in my hair, but I'm getting used to it)-- I was in love! I wish I had done it sooner! It's an asymmetrical cut, meaning it's longer on one side than the other, and it is awesome. Lindsey did an amazing job and I'm so so thankful!

It also really worked out for this weekend! It was the weekend we've all been waiting for... Jared's birthday party! I've been anticipating this for so long! They decided on an 80's theme for the party-- and I have always loved dressing for that decade-- so I was super excited to go out in my get up and have some fun!

Too bad they didn't have smart phones in the 80's!

I wore my new jean jacket that Patrick bought me (one with sweater sleeves and a sweater hood-- thanks babe!), skinny jeans, white nikes, a red bandana tied around my knee, a Night Ranger t shirt, a nose hoop, a long dangly earring in only one ear, an original Swatch (that I borrowed from Patrick... until it got randomly sticky), a pair of red plastic sunglasses, hot pink lipstick, a ton of blush, and bright blue eyeshadow. I would honestly dress like this every day (mostly... I think I would go without the bandana and the crazy eyeshadow)!

For Jared's gift, Patrick decided on something really awesome... A Kraken Gift Box! Jared loves Kraken Rum and also loves the Kraken (so much that he founded Kraken Appreciation Day, which is June 13th). You can pre-order them from They come with the following: A Kraken T Shirt, a Kraken tooth, a Kraken laptop decal, a Kraken scroll, a Kraken lore book, a DVD about the Kraken, and a letter reassuring everyone that the Kraken IS REAL (beautifully sealed with a wax seal & Kraken stamp). The box is all laid out very nicely and comes with a slot for the bottle of rum to lay in, however, they cannot ship that across state lines, so we added that ourselves. Jackie and Dan, Julie and Doug, Victoria and Delfino, and Patrick and I all chipped in for this awesome gift. It was really cool!
(because I forgot to take pictures beforehand and 
my phone was dead during the present opening)

Patrick leaves for Florida on Monday on a business trip, so I will be mostly alone for the next week or so. Thankfully Jackie still lives here so I won't be alone the entire time! Empty houses at night are not my thing. Overall I've had a great week!

Rock on!

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