Friday, October 25, 2013

Weddings, Masquerades, & a Blog Name Change

Hey everyone!

The first thing you may notice about this post is that my blog's name has changed. I decided that instead of trying to keep the same name the entire time I run this blog, I'm alright with it evolving. My time here is evolving me, too, and the blog is essentially about me and my life adventures, so as I change, so will things about the blog. It started out as me being an out of stater-- a total stranger in a state that I've only ever been to once before. Things are changing-- even now. Though I no longer feel like such a stranger here, my mind is still stuck back in Michigan, and I struggle to adjust to a different way of thinking. So prepare yourselves for name changes, because I already have some picked out!

So we've had a busy couple of weekends, and next week will be even busier, so let's recap! On Sunday, October 13th, we were honored enough to be invited to the wedding of our two friends, Peter and Angela. I've never been to a Jewish wedding before, so I was really excited. Plus, as soon as Patrick told me we were invited, I begged him to make sure nothing work related came up so that we could go. I wanted an excuse to get out and be fancy, and fancy we were! Prepare for a drop of some really awesome photos! I mean, honestly, isn't that we all suffer through this text for? ;)

I found a tiny crocheted Yamaka that I'm going to try to make a copy of!

The radiant, stunning Siobhan

I don't look as classy with the bubbles

One of our littlest cast members, Trishalana! She is the daughter of one of our cast members, Diane, and her husband Brian. She is absolutely precious.

Even she has a little hat!

One of our other mini-cast members, Cameron! Cameron is the adorable son of our friends Kelly and Richard! I can't get enough of those cheeks and that smile :)

"Dad, the ladies like the skull and crossbones. You should try it!"

I loved this picture of the happy couple with their parents!

The blushing bride with her new stepson, who had a yamaka with tiny tardises on it (or are they tardi?)

Our ridiculous friends, Master Delfino and Jack

Guys, it finally happened. After a BILLION weddings where I've tried to catch the bouquet with no progress...

I finally caught it! And guess who caught the garter belt...

Trishalana was so tired by the end of the night that she ended up falling asleep in my arms while I sat on the floor. I was so sad when Patrick told me it was time to leave. I love her!

Next up, we had a full work week and two parties that we had to get to on Saturday! Unfortunately, I didn't get off work until almost 3pm, and with the first party being an hour away, it was way unrealistic for us to have thought we could make it. I was really looking forward to seeing Trishalana's adorable face and her wonderful parents and finally getting to get up close and personal with Diane and Brian's PURPLE HOUSE. However, we were at least able to make it to Brook (yes, BROOK! The first Brook I have EVER known without an "e") and Mandy's masquerade! Another excuse to get fancy? I'll take it! 

Patrick booked us a hotel room because the party was almost an hour away and we would definitely not want to drive home after such a long day. We arrived at the hotel and headed out to have some dinner. We stopped at B Dubs (which, for you silly people, is short for Buffalo Wild Wings). Unfortunately, Patrick had no idea what a B Dubs was, so when we went in there, he was quite shocked about the number of TVs that were playing sports games. Patrick also did not know what I was talking about when I wished him a happy Sweetest Day. Apparently it's only a holiday in states like Michigan and Ohio because it was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1921. Look it up, Californians! 

After dinner, we headed to Target for a quick stop so Patrick could get shoes, because he forgot his at home. We headed back to the hotel and discovered that he forgot cuff links, so he headed out again while I got ready. We looked smashing! And Mandy and Brook sure know how to throw a party. The snacks were delicious and their house is awesome! The highlight of the night? Mandy screaming like a little girl when she found a black widow in their bathroom, and then Brook doing the same later when a moth flew at her face. Hilarious! I love those two! We had an awesome time and I really wish they lived closer.

I wore the same dress from last weekend. So what? It's fancy and multi-occasional! But this time I classed it up with some lace tights.

Just look at this delicious spread!

Mini pumpkin pies, Queso de Muerto (which is actually the most delicious soup that I've ever tried that we ate on tortilla chips), stuffed mushrooms, and spider web cookies. Yum!

Master Delfino as... A Cereal Killer. AH!

This is a new development-- since I've lived here, I've actually been learning to talk with my hands. Not on purpose, but just from exposure because Patrick does it. It's something I've never done before and did not notice until I saw this picture. How strange!

Their house was super spooky!

I did not know until I was writing this post that Patrick captured this moment. Just look at Brook coming to Mandy's rescue with her electric bug swatter!

AH! Get me out of California, I didn't know these lived here!

On Sunday, we rearranged the house. Jackie and Dan finally found a really nice place for themselves and were moving all this week. Now that Jackie's room is empty, we got to do quite a few things that we've been itching to do ever since we found out those two were planning on getting a place together. We moved my desk from our room and Patrick's desk from where a dining room table would normally go, plus a large red cabinet and both hamsters. Now I can shut the door on them when they have seeds in their wheels and are making all sorts of noise! So now, we have a spare bedroom/office and where Patrick's "office" once was, we have a reading nook. I love our nook! I adopted it. And as for the room? It's no longer Jackie's room, so we were trying to come up with a new name for it. Patrick was enthusiastic about "The Office" but I chose "Charles." So Charles it is. 

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for a gigantic post about the following week... ROCKY WEEK. In addition to a show this Saturday, we also have a show in Reno that we will be doing on Tuesday, a show on Halloween night (Thursday) and then another show next Saturday! Four shows in six days? Pour me a tall glass of energy drink! 

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