Sunday, August 9, 2015

Smell Ya Later!

Hey guys!

Last night was our going away party and of course I want to document it and share it with you all!

Patrick and I have a lot of travelling to do this month (first we will be headed to the D23 convention in Anaheim and from there we go straight to Pasadena because Patrick will be working at a client in that area all week. When we get home, Patrick has just two days before he's off to New Jersey, where he will stay for nearly two weeks. When he gets home, we will have just two days to get everything finalized before we leave for Oregon) so we decided to have our going away party on a day and at a place that it seemed everyone could attend.

So not unlike most other get-togethers that we go to, we ended up at Cameron's Pub in Half Moon Bay (side note: did you know that Daniel Radcliffe was there just a few weeks ago rapping an Eminem song on karaoke night?). The party was a complete success and almost everyone we love and invited was able to make it! At a grand total count, Patrick determined that besides the two of us, 39 people showed up to say goodbye! It was incredible and we are so, so grateful that we were able to see so many of our loved ones before we left. We had people who were moving house all day, people who were moving house all day and leaving to move down state today, people who had worked all day, people who had just flown in yesterday, people who drove over an hour just to get there, people who had spent the entire day in the car driving up state, people who were in town from a different country, and people who I had never ever seen show up at Cameron's Pub for a Bawdy Caste related party.

We had an amazing time and we are both paying for it today with exhaustion, nausea, and a headache, but we wouldn't have traded that time for anything. We left with multiple gifts including a bottle of Polish vodka, a bottle of champagne, a beautiful flower arrangement, a cheesecake, a pie, and obviously very full hearts, all of which we are so, so thankful for.

Without further ado, allow me to insert a bunch of photos from the party.

Our beautiful and very sentimental cake
Photo courtesy of Shannon Wilke

James & Nate

James with the tequila and shot glass that we brought him and Nate as a parting gift. They also received a tangerine tree named Fergus the Ficus, which they will be nurturing here in California because we could not take him to some place that gets cold in the winter. 

Jackie, Siobhan, Zach, and Jack (with his brand new light up glasses!)

Fiona and Matt!

Sancho (Blake) and Delfino (Mike)!

The only normal photo that was taken all night. Kris, Delfino, Jack, and Jeb.

Team Brad Team! (minus Matthew)

Patrick with Kitten Mittens (Lisa)

Lena, Jack, and Milly!

Lena, Siobhan, and Jack

A mess. An absolute mess.

So that's it. That's what the last two years of my life have looked like because of these amazing people that I've met and come to love and consider family. Each and every one of them have changed my life and I will miss all of them more than they will ever know. Thank you all so much for coming to send us off and wish us well.

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