Monday, September 14, 2015

Unpacking, Neighbors, & More Health

Hey guys! We finally did less stuff to talk about, so it should make for a pretty short post (edit: it ended up not being a very short post... sorry). I'm decompressing from the long weekend we've had.

Movers & Unpacking
On Friday the movers came to deliver our things. They arrived around 8:45am and they got to work. The three guys took about 4.5 hours to unload everything and then Patrick and I started unpacking.

Until today, either one or both of us were unpacking at one point or another except for when we slept. I'll admit that Patrick did a LOT more than I did. I have been feeling like crap all weekend, which I'll touch on in a minute.

As of right now we have all but four boxes unpacked. We've stopped for meals and to go out and grab things we might need (the big thing for us has been plastic bins-- we have so much more storage here that we literally need storage for our storage because otherwise everything is just kind of falling out everywhere). Yesterday, I took a nap while Patrick took a break.

The other really difficult thing has been that until yesterday, it has been SO HOT. We had some kind of heat wave here and Thursday-Saturday we had high 80's temperatures (record temps for this area) and of course, being on the third floor with apparently no cross-breeze no matter how many windows and doors we had open, we were slowly evaporating. It finally cooled down on Sunday and we were able to move around without feeling like death was upon us. Today, it is overcast and by 9am we had closed all of the windows because we were finally cold. I'm even wearing my favorite slippers to keep my feet warm :)

Apartments & Neighbors
Patrick and I are convinced that the apartment is eating things. Maybe we are still delirious from the recent heat and exertion, but I have lost two plastic storage bins and Patrick has lost a vape tank, an orange box cutter, a box of alcohol wrapped in clothing, and now a giant rubber band that we were using to keep the laundry closet shut so the cats wouldn't get in there. Are we built on ancient burial grounds? I don't know what's going on, but I know I'm not going crazy. I've counted at least ten times. I am missing two plastic storage bins.

Our neighbors are... I have no words to describe them. Let me just tell you what has happened.

I had a package arrive last Friday (the 4th). We weren't arriving until the 5th, and the UPS email told Patrick that the package had been delivered to our door step, so we immediately emailed the apartments and asked them to please check their office for the package just in case, so we could know if it was actually at the door because we were worried about it being taken. The office girls checked and it wasn't there, in our mail box, or at our door step-- mind you, it couldn't have taken more than hour from when we received the email from UPS until we got an email back from the leasing office. So we took out a complaint with UPS and one with the store we purchased the item from and waited to hear back from them. When UPS finally got back with us, they said that they wouldn't do anything because the package was delivered, so we were waiting to hear back from the shipper. Thursday night (I think), we went out to get groceries. When we were leaving, we saw our across-the-hall-neighbor coming out of her apartment. I smiled at her and we went downstairs, but I thought it was weird that she didn't smile back but instead looked a little like she had seen a ghost. When Patrick and I came home, the package was on our door step and the door of the woman's apartment was ajar. The doorjamb was visible but you couldn't see inside of the apartment (and the lights were off), and I thought that was super sketchy. I tried to reason with it and convince myself that she was just holding on to the package because she didn't want someone else to steal it and then she waited to see us before she returned it. But why not leave a note? Why not give it to us herself? Why was her door open when we came home? Why was she so freaked out when she saw us? I'm not buying it and the whole situation is not settling with me at all, nor with Patrick. Unrelated to the package incident, Saturday at like 9am I had to go over there and bang on the door to get someone to answer it so I could ask them to please turn their music down a notch because we could literally feel the bass in our floor. I know it was Saturday and I know it was 9am, but I could feel it in our living room, which is at least 35, maybe even 40, feet away from their front door and across a cement stairwell. Unacceptable.

My cysts started to get better the day after I went in for my follow-up and I have been searching for a pharmacy that isn't going to charge me over $100 for a prescription that I know Meijer in Michigan would fill for free. Man, I miss Meijer. I have a little while before I need the prescriptions filled, so I can keep searching. The unpacking is not helping, though. I am supposed to be keeping from moving my arms as much as possible, but we need to unpack. I have developed another cyst lower down on my armpit (I think from the stress and the strain), but it's not that bad and I can definitely handle it. I have a topical antibiotic gel that I've been applying to the area as directed but it has been making my skin so sensitive. A lot of itching and burning, which I'm going to be emailing the clinic about.

The heat definitely took its toll on both of us and I hardly did anything on Saturday, although I did help Patrick take some boxes down to the garage and I tripped over some other boxes and fell. I twisted my ankle and whacked it on the side of one of the boxes and I also landed really hard on my knee, and then I had a panic attack. They haven't been too sore until last night (weird, right?), when they were suddenly too tender to touch (I found this out by trying to cross my ankles), and while I was trying to fall asleep last night I kept having a throbbing pain behind my knee cap. It's possibly because I've been trying to cut down on the ibuprofen I've been taking because the pain from the cysts has been less, so I didn't notice the pain until the ibuprofen was out of my system.

On Sunday I took a nap and woke up to the worst allergy attack I've had in a long time, which is strange because before my nap I hadn't done much unpacking and there wasn't much dust (or, well, no more than usual). I seriously sneezed at least 30 times within only a couple of hours, my throat was itching like crazy, and it took a few hours for the swelling in my sinuses to go down. I don't want to jinx it by actually voicing my thoughts, but I'm hoping that this is just allergies and not something else from the drastic changes in weather and temperature, if you catch my drift.

So that's all so far! Nothing super exciting has happened and yet and Patrick works during the day all this week, but we'll see about this weekend. My task for today is to take a bunch of boxes down to the garage for Patrick while he teaches and probably take a nap :)

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