Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween/Autumn DIY & Decor

Hey guys! So I am finally getting around to making a post about my Halloween/fall/autumn decor which I am super excited about. It's so awesome to finally have space to decorate (since we now have enough storage space to store things instead of putting everything we own out on display). Most of my decorations are more seasonal rather than Halloween themed because I wanted to put them up early and leave them up through Thanksgiving. The fall decor will come down when the Christmas decor goes up! A lot of this stuff I did purchase as-is from stores like Joann's (which thankfully has an awesome 50% off sale on most of their fall/Halloween stuff right now) but I did make a few things that I'm quite proud of, so here it is! :)

Our front door

Bloody sticky letters/window decals (Dollar Tree)

Our breakfast nook decor

Halloween 3-wick candle holder (Bath and Body Works)

32 lbs of pumpkin goodness (Lattin's). I'll be carving this one in 2.5 weeks or so. 

Our other pumpkins (also from Lattin's)

Our dining room decor

Leaf Garland (The Craft Warehouse)

Pumpkin wreath (Joann's)
We made the decision not to hang this awesome piece on our front door because we had concerns about the neighbors and their sticky fingers. Even though they have moved out by now, we both actually really like the wreath there and will probably put any Christmas wreath that we might get this year in this spot as well.

"Happy Haunting" chalkboard pumpkin (designed & painted by me) and tiny straw owl (both Joann's)

 Our living room cabinet decor

Ceramic pumpkins (Dollar Tree)

Candy jar filled with tiny leaves (both from Craft Warehouse) and tiny gold & cream colored acorns (Target), assembled by me. The hay/straw wrapping and bow made by me (Dollar Tree). 
I will probably remove the bow and innards of this jar and use it for other occasions as well! Tiny christmas bulbs would look so cute in here, no?

What the jar is filled with

 Burlap pumpkins (Joann's) 

"Table runner" (made by me from place mats, burlap, silk leaves, burlap leaves & flowers, and one single pinecone that came with the leaves-- everything but the burlap from Dollar Tree, which was probably from Michael's)

I'm sure both Patrick and our bank account hope that I'll stop where I am with this (I probably will just so that I have more room to add to the decor in the coming years) but if I add anything else, I'll be sure to edit this post and then re-post the link on Facebook! I hope you think it's as rustic and pretty as I do!

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