Friday, January 1, 2016

A Very Merry Michigan Crochetmas!

Hey guys! 

So I decided to hand make all of the gifts for my family back in Michigan this year. This was both practical and meaningful; I got to choose which item that I made for each person, they were all hand-made with love, and I could make them all in advance and then ship them all back at once so that I could save on shipping (versus purchasing a gift for each person and having it shipped). Given that we went back to Michigan for Christmas this year, the trip was already costing us an arm and a leg, so anywhere I could save on Christmas presents and still give everyone something was a plus for me! So I set out to Joann's (actually, I went many, many times) and I taught myself how to crochet amigurumi!

I'll include links to the patterns if I have them so that if you'd like, you can make them yourself! I'm also not going to include who each item is for (except it is probably obvious in a couple of cases) simply because I didn't actually give some of the gifts to their recipients for various reasons.


It's probably obvious based on the dolls who these are for, but let's see if you can guess which doll is for which sister! I did change a lot of things about the pattern as I was going along so it is by NO means the exact pattern that I found to make them, but it is a fantastic pattern to build on and fantastic on its own!

"Mr. Fuzzhead" the Cat
Unrelated to Crochetmas, I stopped in the middle of crocheting the Christmas presents to whip up this little guy. He is based on a real cat, who was named Mr. Fuzzhead. When I found out from my friend that he had passed, I decided to make this for her. He is based off of a drawing that another friend did for her of Mr. Fuzz before his passing, then she had the drawing tattooed on her, so I thought a fuzzy embodiment was fitting. 


Micropig Pattern

Stanley the Octopus

His eyes are made from felt and fabric and his mouth is hand-embroidered.

Jack Skellington Coin Purse

This was my first time actually mixing medias. After crocheting the pieces, I had to use my sewing machine to stitch the zipper on. I'm super proud that it turned out well!

Snowman Pattern
Tiny Snowman! His hat is hand made from glittery felt. I had originally purchased a small hat that you would use on a hand made doll, but the hat was more cowboy hat shaped than top hat shaped.

 Cupcake Card Holder
Pattern for the Cupcake
Cupcake! The wire (which is actual thick floral wire) is hand-shaped and is intended for bingo cards or photos. The sprinkles are glass beads stitched randomly into the surface.

Hershey's Kiss Card Holder
Hershey's Kiss! The wire, again, is intended for bingo cards or photos. The actual "tag" is hand embroidered and made from felt, hot glue, and embroidery thread.

Fish Plaques
The fish plaques are actually going to get their own separate blog because I did follow the fish pattern but I also made the plaques so I thought it would be good to fully explain that as well. Yes, one is unintentionally larger, but funny enough that worked out in my favor!


This piggy is much MUCH larger than the pattern is written for because the hook it called for was 3-4 sizes smaller than my smallest hook (which honestly makes no sense to me... Your hook can only be so small when working with the weight of yarn this called for and I honestly would not have gone any smaller than I did).

I also have two other gifts for my Michigan family that haven't been given yet so I won't be spoiling the surprise :) I'll tack those onto another post later on. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did!

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