Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First Home Visit

Hey everyone!

I know this post is extremely overdue. My last post was over two months ago. I glazed over Christmas, NYE, and so many other events that I could have posted about, but the absolute truth is that I'm exhausted. I have been working a lot and I have been avoiding my blog because I didn't want to let anyone on to the following information that many of you already know...


Patrick (the best boyfriend on the planet) bought me a round trip ticket back to the mitten surrounding my birthday. I wanted to surprise several people, so less than 8 or so people back in Michigan knew that I was coming back. I gave myself 1 week (from Tuesday, Feb. 4 to Tuesday, Feb 11) and did as much planning as I could to make sure that I got a chance to see as many people as I could that I miss so dearly. The trip was a complete blur. From sun up to sun down I was running around, seeing people and having lunches and dinners and whatnot. I got to see my closest family members and my very best friends, plus a few friends who were awesome enough to show up to the party I threw on Friday night to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Seeing my loved ones and getting a break from my crazy work schedule was just what I needed: right when I needed it. This was my first trip back to Michigan since I left home for my life-changing road trip on June 25th, 2013. Because I know that it would be extremely boring for me to recap every day of my trip home, I'll just give you a bunch of heart warming photos for your viewing pleasure!

Sisters: Ella (4 1/2), Brook (22), & Christina (8 3/4)

Grandma Bev :)

Pop :)

My mommy :)

Great Grandma aka Babcia (Busha). 94 at the end of this month and still able to kick your butt!

The girls playing with the sticker houses I bought them :)

Ella walking to school. I dropped her off and then picked her and her sister up when they were done and we went out for ice cream :)

 On Wednesdays, we wear pink. (Dropping Ella off at Pre School. This was unplanned and brilliant.)

She fell asleep waiting for Christina, though.

Erin, my best friend since we were just 4 & 5 years old. My very first sister <3

4 generations of tiny Polish women. Babcia, Grandma Bev, my mom, and myself. I am the tallest woman in my family at 5'4

Not even blood related to Erin and they're still all the same!

Zach and Austin, my very best guy friends!

Angel! We've been friends since we were 12. She was my very first friend I made in middle school!

Chels! I met her at Greenwood Acres when we were about 13!

 Megan and I have been friends since we were 12 :)

Zach at Hibachi, a Japanese Buffet that he and Austin and I traditionally go to. 

Austin and I with our chopstick-sushi-grape-pineapple-napkin sailboat. The waiter just loved us. 

 Austin has obvious chopstick skills. That's ice cream...




Grandma Charlie!

Grandpa Gary!

 I forgot how close you could be to snow, deer, and trees at my grandparents' house :)

And my plane ride home (don't worry, the phone was on airplane mode).

It was so wonderful to see everyone. Next time I will take a longer amount of time to stay in town and I will let more people know that I'm there so that I can see more of everyone. I'm so grateful to have been able to get the time off of work and spend my birthday with so many people that I love and cherish. See you next time, Michigan! 

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