Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Grand Master Post

Hey everyone!

We got back from Disneyland a little over a week ago, and since then we have been extremely busy (but what else is new?). I flew home from Michigan on the 11th, I worked the 12th & 13th and then we left for Disneyland. The day after we got home, Patrick flew to Florida for work and stayed there until Saturday. That Saturday, we had a Rocky show to do, so really our moment of rest was Sunday... which was the day of my coworker's baby shower. We have both worked every day this week, so we really haven't had much down time, which brings me to my point: This post (as usual) is overdue. However, it is important. It's the most important post I will have written up until this point.

Valentine's Day was also our anniversary, which I badgered Patrick about until he booked a weekend for us in Disneyland (mostly because I wanted an opportunity to wear the "Happy Anniversary" pins that they hand out in the park). So that Thursday after I got off of work, we drove down to Anaheim and spent the evening resting up for our weekend in the park. Friday was mostly the usual Disneyland stuff, except the park was busting with couples celebrating, and the next day wasn't any less crowded because who would expect a mid-80's day in the middle of February? I even got a little bit sun burnt. Thursday night, we exchanged gifts. Patrick got me an adorable little statue of Minnie & Mickey that says "When my heart found you, it knew," and now it lives on my nightstand. For our anniversary, Patrick bought me an early present a few weeks ago, which was an N64 plus games. Awesome! And lastly, for my birthday, Patrick bought me the plane ticket home but also got me the second season of Criminal Minds. For Patrick's present, I made him a cool scrapbook of our first year together. It included pictures, plane tickets, cards, and little notes from random days together that I saved knowing I would make this scrapbook at some point. It took 4 months of planning, prepping, and creating to have the book ready for our anniversary weekend.

First day in the park

& first anniversary! It merited a heart picture.

Bob & Ellen! Oops, shhhh. I mean, Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl 

Pooh Bear!

Feeding the ducks :)

I asked Patrick to bring our last few pieces of bread to Disneyland with us so I could hand feed the ducks. It was one of my favorite parts because I just love ducks for whatever reason.

The next day, Patrick nearly broke my legs by making me run, not walk, to Princess Breakfast, where we would have breakfast together while the princesses came around for a meet and greet. We were the first ones in line. We walked down the spiral staircase into Ariel's Grotto, where Ariel met us at the bottom for a picture, which was when Patrick started talking.

No big deal, because I'm used to Patrick talking a lot, especially in Disneyland. At first it started out as him talking to Ariel, but it slowly shifted into speech mode towards me. When Patrick started making all sorts of Disney references in his speech, I knew something was up, and my heart caught in my throat. Up until that point, I had been paying attention but shifting my eyes because that was his conversation with Ariel, not with me. But from that point on, I never looked away from Patrick as he spoke to me about love, life, and finding Ohana.

By the time he got down on one knee, tears were streaming down my face and I was holding my breath.

And when he asked "Will you be my princess?", I said yes.

What started out as a normal day was now a mind-blowingly exciting one because now we were engaged. Still, I cannot stop staring at my ring and I cannot believe that we are one step closer to being married. I am so overjoyed and so in awe of how perfect Patrick made everything for that morning. All of the strings he pulled and all of the steps he had to take to make sure our engagement was flawless-- I couldn't be luckier.

First selfie with my fiancĂ©

Snow White wanted to see my ring as soon as Patrick told her that he proposed that morning

 The statue Patrick had to have because it was our engagement weekend. It has 24kt. gold paint!

On Sunday we headed home early so that we could take care of things that we needed to do before he was going to be gone for a week. And now that he is home, sitting next to me playing The Lego Movie: The Game, I can't help but smile and be thankful for the wonderful man I've fallen in love with and the wonderful life he's giving me.

One week after we got engaged, we found out that our two wonderful friends, Mandy and Brook (yes, I've finally met a name twin!), are finally going to have a baby after what seems like ages of trying. I cannot think of two more wonderful people to be parents. That little one is going to be so spoiled!

Congrats you two! All the love in the world :)

I want to thank you all for the well-wishes and congratulations that we've received since our engagement. Everyone's support means the world to us!

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